Expensive, high-end make-up products and tools like Bobbi Brown’ brushes or beauty sponge will not guarantee the look you desire. There is more to the flawless looking skin. The secret is to hide what’s imperfect and to highlight what we have the best.


Dark circles under eyes is the most common issue we struggle with. We all have been there: wake up in the morning, look in a mirror and with a horror in our eyes discover black circles under eyes. Instantly, they make your face look old and tired. How did it happened we ask ourselves.

Causes of grey shades under your eyes

Number of factor is lack of sleep

Staying up late with friends is important but does your health. Between family and your career finding enough sleep can be difficult. Nevertheless, finding a time when you can rest is equally important. Depriving yourself of good 8 hour sleep is leaving you looking fatigued and sad.

Number two is dehydration

When we are dehydrated the skin under our eyes thins due to the fluid loose. Think of skin as of a sponge. When it is wet it is growing big and is more elastic. Lack of fluid makes blood vessels under your eyes more transparent. Unfortunately, drinking black coffee nor tea count as your daily water intake. You should drink at least half a gallon of pure water every day. During hot weather you ought to drink little more. Eating fruits high in water such as a watermelon or oranges is very helpful as well.

Once you have improved those area of your life your dark shades should be significantly less visible. Getting rid of them is not going to happen overnight so you should be patient. Thanks to the right care and make up we can hide what needs to stay invisible.

Make up tips

Remember to remove your make up every night before you go to bed.
Then apply a cream rich in vitamin K and retinol. These two ingredients help to reduce puffiness.

In the morning wash your under eyes area with fresh, cold water to restore good blood circulation. You can also use the ice cubes to rub the skin under your eyes.
Apply a good quality yellow-based canceler under your foundation.
The yellow- based powder gives the finish touch to your daily make up.

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