In our home spa, we often choose to use natural only ingredients that can be easily found in our kitchen. If you have tried yeast, cucumber and eggs, now it is a high time you take a closer look at lemon. We all know it can be used in numerous ways however; it gives the best results when used for facial care.


Firstly, lemon is best known for its lightening properties. If you had acne problems in the past and you still struggle with red marks and blemishes, fresh lemon juice may do a magic to your skin. Squeeze the juice out, soak a swab with it, and pat it gently against targeted areas. In case we put a fake tan unevenly, you can also correct it with the lemon juice. Old scars will be appear smaller if you apply lemon juice on it few times a week.

If nothing works in your war against blackheads, lemon would. Apply it on your nose, forehead, or chin and leave it overnight. You may feel gentle itching for few minutes but don’t worry, it’s the sign that it is working. In the morning just wash your face with warm water.

For those who have a pimples problem try home face sauna. This time instead of peppermint drops add half a glass of lemon juice. If you don’t have a special machine for this treatment you can use a pan with hot water and cover yourself with a big towel. This is an old way to reduce production of oil. To get a visible result it is recommended to do the face sauna two times a week.
Who would like to remain beautiful for long? It is widely known that it is collagen which is responsible for the skin elasticity. If there is not enough of this protein more visible wrinkles are created. Cleaning our face with the lemon juice promotes producing more collagen. This also helps to minimalize age spots.

This universal exotic fruit can help with cold sores as well. It is crucial to apply a tiny amount of lemon juice before the breakout. Pat this area with the juice few times a day. Again, don’t worry if you feel itching.
There is no reason to spend a lot of money on expensive products if you can get the same result for few pennies.

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