Make-up is a little like fashion. Each season we wonder what will be on the top this time . In fasion, however, there are certain things and looks that are always trendy. Smokey eyes is one of that lasting look. No matter what’s the season it will always be in fasion. Depending on what eye colour we choose we may look like a serious businesswoman or like a party animal. The choice is ours.


Why do we like smokey eyes so much? The answer is fairy simple – it boosts our self confidence as an atrractive female. Thanks to this captivating look we seem to be more fascinating and filtratious.

Another great thing abouth this make up is that it suits all types of hair and complections. Every woman will look amazing in smoky eyes. All needed it matching the right shade to the girl type.

To do the smoky eyes all you need is black eye pencil, dark and light eyeshadow of the same colour. Apart from cosmetics you will have to geta small, soft eye brush that will blend these coulours together.

There’s nothing worse that make up that smears, moves and settles in fine lines. To avoid any of these, first you should apply a thin layer of an eye premiere on your eyelid and under your eye area. This way you will make sure the make up will remain intact.

The next step is using dark, eye pencil. Drag it along top and bottom lash lines. Be carefull not to leave any skin showing between the lines and your lashes. Use a brush to apply a darker shade from your lashes up to crease. Next, slightly drag the shadow to your lower lash line. Be cafereful not to make any hars lines, it should be blurry and dim. To get the desired effect put the brighter shade on the middle part of your eyelid. To finish the look put your favourite mascara on.

Properly made smokey eye will be one of your best and most visible traits.

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9 Comments “What make up will be trendy? Smokey eyes for sure”

  1. pixyann

    Good piece of text, I am still learning how to do smokey eyes but it seems I need to practice more. Any suggestion for big eyes?

  2. ToMakeUp

    The key to good smokey eyes make-up are long lashes. You can either adjust fasies or grow your own. Bewarn, false lashes are often sold along with the poor quality glue that may burn your lid. It happen to me with girls aloud pack.

  3. susanebajaj

    true, my lashes were in poor condition and I need to make them look good again. I heard that some kind of oil works magic and can nourish them deeply. Anyone know how its called?

  4. harj1882

    castor oil, it is messy and you need to wait long for any results. I was using lash enhancer and it worked very good and my lashes were doubled in 3 months time. smokey eye is good only for evenings i think. I agree that long lashes make the trick

  5. beautyvlog

    how is that serum called. i used idol lash and it did not help

  6. harj1882

    I was using Nanolash and i was using it for 5 mths and everybody thought that i have extensions done. the result was very impressive. I started using it in December and the long lashes effect lasts till now.

  7. annmakeupbag

    I was thinking about Revitalash but people say that it can turn your eyes brown. Where did you get the Nanolash from?

  8. frecklesss

    I was also using nanolash and i was blown away by the results. Very long and much darker. Nanolash doesnt change the colour of iris. I have been using it for over 6 months and my eyes are still green. Highly recommend

  9. birdy

    you can get revlash online on its website only as far as i know, my cousin was using it too. she was happy with the effect. Dont use lattisse, it is damaging to eyes


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