The secret of perfect make up is not only down to getting the right foundation shade or using the right brushes for different section of your face. It is primarily matching the colour of your eye shadows to the colour or your eye. Most of women do not realize how important that is and how pairing colours can change the overall look of a face. Getting the right tone of shades can brings out and intensify our natural eye colour. It may open the eye or make the eye look smaller. Using appropriate colour in a right place you can even change the shape of the eye if you wish. All of that is a game of colours.


If you are the lucky owner of hazel eyes you should be very happy because it is fairly easy to match the right eye shadows to them.

To get the natural look you it is good to use earth’s colours such as brown, grey, beige. Try to avoid silver and cold colours. These will definitely not compliment your eyes tone. If you want to play with metallic colours use gold copper. I guarantee, it looks absolutely amazing on your eyes.

Another thing we need to be careful about is using green or blue colours. Unfortunately, they do not match brown eyes and if you really want to wear to any of these one do it at your Halloween party only.

Using brown or black eyeliner may change your eye shape. If you use a pencil all over your eyes, your eyes will seem slightly smaller.

Opposite, if you want to rise your upper eyelid or you want your eye seems bigger draw the line out past the outer corner of your upper lid. It ought to be upwards towards your eyebrow. Doing that, you will create an illusion of extra-long and thick eyelashes.

Last but not least, do not forget to put the mascara on. Thanks to it, your eyes will open up a bit and your eyelashes will gain extra value. It will give you a nice, impressive look. You are advised to use dark mascara colours. Black or dark brown will look the best. There are many mascaras in bright colours like purple but wearing them will definitely not make you look serious.

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