Most of us cannot imagine a day without coffee. We love the warm smell and deep taste of it. Since recently, coffee has moved from our kitchen to to our bathrooms.


If we would like to refresh the look of our skin, you can use grounded coffee as a mask. First, make yourself coffee without sugar. Indulge yourself with it until the last drop. Do not bin dregs. This is the secret ingredient we are going to use. Making the mask is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to mix coffee grounds with your favourite face cream. Tap it on your face avoiding the eyes area. Leave it on for a quarter and then rinse it off with a warm water. Then gently rub your skin with a cotton ball.

Homemade coffee scrub has won hearts of many of already. However great it is, you should not use on your face where the skin is thin and sensitive. We can use it freely on our legs, arms, and belly areas. To prepare the scrub you need to mix coffee grounds with coconut oil or natural yoghurt. Rub your skin with this mixture for a few minutes to get rid of all dead cornified epidermis. Research shows that using coffee scrub helps to reduce cellulite as it caffeine promotes faster blood circulation.

Moreover, coffee can be used to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. Use warm coffee, this time without grounds, and massage it into your hair and scalp. Leave it on for 5 min and wash your hair with clean water. The only disadvantage if this home treatment is that it may make your hair slightly darker so it is not recommended to light hair.

Using coffee internally and externally can be extremely beneficial. Drinking a cup of this black golden liquid helps to burn calories faster and speeds up our metabolism. We can boldly call it best fat-burner.
Next time when you were about throwing out dregs, remind yourself of what those simple tips and tricks you can do.

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