I’VE STARTED EXPOSING MY EYEBROWS TO NANOBROW TREATMENT A MONTH AGO. Do you want to know how this brow serum works? Have the appearance of my brows improved since the Nanobrow treatment began?


I’m wholeheartedly invite you to read the review, which I was planning to write on the 30th day of Nanobrow treatment. I wanted my review to be reliable, not written under the influence of the early results.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: What is Nanobrow?

This is a product developed by experts that targets people like myself. And by saying this I have in mind those people who aren’t satisfied with the state and looks of their eyebrows. In my case, the hairs growing on the brow ridges were very fair, thin and short which in overall created a really poor-looking effect.

This is also an effective alternative to permanent brow makeup. Why is that? Just look, instead of spending a fortune on covering up the imperfections, you can fix them once and for all by encouraging the natural brow hairs to grow and get bolder.

Finally, this is also a well-selected composition of high quality ingredients, the serum is an efficient and maximally effective eyebrow enhancing product. The product that positively affects eyebrows no matter their initial state. You can be sure that Nanobrow will manage to regenerate even the most fatigued and diminishing eyebrows.

ABOUT THE FORMULA. What’s the recipe for Nanobrow?

It’s common for various eyebrow serums to include strong stimulating agents that don’t always deliver only positive effects. Nanobrow doesn’t feature any ingredients that may potentially harm our skin or eyebrows. In other words, Nanobrow is free from allergens, preservatives, fragrances and colorants.

What it contains instead are brow conditioning substances that are responsible for delivering moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating effect. In addition, ingredients used in Nanobrow serum help eyebrows grow faster in a natural way. To demonstrate, the list of ingredients includes Baikal skullcap extract (known commonly as baicalein) soy and wheat germ extracts and ginseng root extract.

Still, they aren’t all the ingredients used in Nanobrow which the positive effects are credited to. Revitalizing panthenol, moisturizing arginine and a few growth-supporting substances also found their place in the eyebrow serum. Thanks to this, eyebrows are darker, thicker, fuller-looking and noticeably more fabulous – indeed, it’s clear to see!

The lightweight consistency is another fact proving that Nanobrow is gentle and non-irritating. This is a runny and colorless serum that easily penetrates eyebrows without overburdening them or clumping.

ABOUT THE EFFECTS. How does Nanobrow work?

Providing that you apply Nanobrow systematically, you can expect to receive really cool and clear effects pretty fast.

During the first week of Nanobrow treatment, the nourishing substances start affecting the follicles by leaving them moisturized, regenerated and reinforced. The rebuilding process is crucial and in most cases it takes time, therefore you shouldn’t expect to achieve dramatic changes after the first use – it just won’t happen.

However, somewhere between the second and third week of use, Nanobrow:

  • makes eyebrows darker
  • adds body to the brow hairs to leave them bolder-looking
  • accelerates growth of brow hairs
  • combats the problem of thinning eyebrows
  • boosts eyebrow volume.

After a month of regular use of Nanobrow, I can say that my eyebrows are truly stunning, they are thicker, darker and glossy. There is no need to bring them out with a brow pencil because they look gorgeous and full without makeup. Basically, I take a closer look at my brows once a week to check for any ‘unnecessary’ hairs growing outside my perfect brow line to remove them.

ABOUT THE APPLICATION. How to use Nanobrow?

Last but not least, I have to explain how to use Nanobrow. Well, it’s super easy! There are two main rules instructing that you have to: apply the serum at bedtime, after taking off makeup and don’t forget the daily use! Regularity is crucial here because this determines how effective the serum will be. I keep my Nanobrow tube near my makeup removing lotion which helps me remember to spread the serum over my eyebrows. And the spreading itself is easy – it takes just one glide of the applicator.


  1. Surely, I’ll buy another Nanobrow tube because I know that this is the best and the most effective eyebrow serum for me.
  2. It’s definitely more profitable to buy more expensive and more effective Nanobrow eyebrow serum than some other cheap and worse eyebrow product.
  3. I keep recommending Nanobrow eyebrow serum to all my friends as a reinforcement for thin brows and an alternative to brow makeup (also the permanent one).
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21 Comments “Eyebrow serum that actually works! 1-month-use Nanobrow review”

  1. Anne.love

    sounds nice… I think I’ll get one 🙂 Tell me where did you get the idea to use Nanobrow? I never heard of it before.

  2. my space

    Many bloggers have review about it but I was waiting for your review 🙂 It must be good if you speak so highly of it.

  3. Roxane

    this is impo-sible :O this serum really works like THAT?

    • Rose Walters

      @Roxane, works is an understatement 🙂 I use it for two months and I’m delighted that such a simple coposition filled with plant extracts can change my brows this much. Ofc for better!

  4. Ally T.

    Sad that my wallet hurts…

  5. night

    I suck it up one time and deciaded to get myself Nanobrow for my 30th b-day – no regrets 🙂 Worth the money cause product is very efficient and works just like the author said. Try it girls 🙂

  6. Fruity Hannah

    Have one too!! I recommend it cause it strengthens and darkens brows like none other!

  7. angie-tarot

    Can I use it more often? I dont want to wait 3 weeks. My brows are terrible 🙁

    • only-me

      Angie, if I were you, I wouldnt exaggereate. Three weeks is super fast as it is! Sometimes it is best to wait for the effects that will last. Patience, girl 🙂

  8. Thamara Brown

    Agreed! Really, it is better to buy Nanobrow than any cheaper and worse serum. I know what I’m takin about…

  9. Viola

    Great post and you just helped me make a decision about which eyebrow serum to choose. Thanks!

  10. Clara EM

    I also use Nanobrow and on top of it for first 2 weeks I wasnt very regular with it cause I forgot I have it and my brows started to slowly grow back either way but it would probably happen faster if I remembered about being regular.

  11. Kisses

    My aunt uses Nanobrow bacause due to medication her hair and brows started falling out. I saw her a month ago – it was tragedy, and now I saw her few day ago after treatment with nanobrow and not comparison, her brows grow back, look way better and I can tell she looks happier.

  12. Dommi

    Flying review, just as the serum. Cheers!

  13. Happy

    I’ll get nanobrow again too, my brows now look better than ever and i have to say that before nanobrow they looked awful… pity I have no before after pictures cause the difference is huge.

  14. Anonymous

    To me Nanobrow is not that expensive, there are serums with much higher price yet do not work at all or much slower than this one.

    • Sophie

      To me it’s a bit pricey either way, I’ll never pay this much for no cosmetic.

      • nana

        is it expensive – weeelll, its a matter of perspective. I have lots of freinds who for one eye cream pay 3 times what Nanobrow costs and I need to add that I’m on month 3 and I still have itso it’s super efficient.

  15. Clementine34

    Certainly no serum for eyebrows has as great composition as nanobrow.

  16. Carter Monique

    You all say “cheap” “expensive”… but what is Nanobrow price?

    • fan

      Price here price there – it costs nearly as every good serum on the market, no point comparing it with some cheap copycat that doesn’t even work, its an absurde 🙂


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