It seems that choosing the right eyeliner cannot be difficult. Well, quite the opposite. Even the decision which shade would look the best may cause some perplexity. The most popular eyeliners are those in black colour but since recently, cosmetic companies has indulged us with a wide range of shades from beige to the purple one. The most important, however, is to choose a product that will be easy for us to apply.


Let’s star from colours. Universal eyeliners are the one with dark shades. Every woman should have a classy black eyeliner in her bag. It looks stylish and elegant. Ladies with blonde hair can choose bright colours that will bring out the natural beauty of their eyes. If you would like to emphasize your green eyes, use purple eyeliner. If your eyes are blue, it is good to apply pink colour.

What causes most problems with eyeliner is its application. At first, it may be difficult to do it smudges and making sure that the line is straight. There are many types of this product: in the consistency of sand, in gel, marker eyeliner and in a liquid that you apply with a small, sharp brush.

For those of you who are just making first steps in eye make-up you should decide to get the pencil eyeliner first. It is easy to use and because it is not rich pigmented you can correct any uneven lines. When you feel more comfortable in using the pen, you can buy a marker liner. It is important not to get a waterproof product. These are very durable and visible, which makes it problematic if you would like to make any correction.

Once you master the art of applying eyeliner, you can get this product in the form of a liquid and a small brush. Using this type of product will give you more visible, dramatic look. It looks very impressive when done properly.

Using eyeliner is not difficult if you take take time and practice it. To finish eye make-up it is essential that you put mascara on. It has to be either black or the same colour as your eyeliner. If you use any random colour, it may spoilll the whole make up.

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