Beauty blender is quite costly as for not a product but just as a tool that helps us apply the make-up. Is it really worth its price? Would I recommend it to my student sister who is on a limited budget to get one?



It looks lovely. It is in a bright pink colour and has that easy to grip egg shape.

You can use it both dry or damp. Foundation definitely blends better when the sponge is damp.
To find out how great it is, first you have to wet the sponge with clear water and then squeeze it out a few times to get rid of the excess liquid. It grows bigger and gets very elastic.

It is very easy to use. Damp it first, then apply a tiny bit of your foundation on a wider end of the Beauty Blender and gently stipple all over your face.

I personally think that it is much easier to apply foundation or concealer with the Beauty Blender than it is with a brush or with fingers. It doesn’t look cakey nor too heavy. It gives you the very natural flawless look i always wanted to achieve.

It shocked me how efficient the sponge is. I was able to use just a tiny bit of my foundation that with the help of the Beauty Blender was able to cover my entire face as well as the neck area.

You have to be aware that using dry sponge absorbs much more foundation, which may result in a product wastage.

Once you apply the foundation with it you literally get a perfect airbrush effect that I absolutely love.


It comes in a nice, see-through, round packaging, propped up on a plastic pedestal. Although it looks nice I find it very inconvenient. You need to be careful when taking it out of the box so you do not to damage it. Instead of pulling it from the pedestal to get it out as everybody would do, you are expected to push it down and then released it. Sad to say but I heard a few times that the sponge got torn by the sharp plastic elements when being pulled out.

Although, the product is really great I think price is slightly too high for something that we would have to replace with a new one after a few months.

Would I recommend it then?

Absolutely yes. It’ quite expensive but it helps to bring out the best out your foundation leaving your skin looking flawless.

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