We often want to achieve something, but we do not have the basic knowledge of the best way to make it happen. For example, take the growth of eyelashes. You want to have extra long, beautiful and dark lashes. Therefore, you test hundreds of ways to stimulate their growth, unfortunately, without any significant change. The problem is that we do not even know how to grow these little hair. It is time to catch up! Learn some theory and see how to put it into practice.

Eyelash growth. Learn the anatomy of hairThe construction of eyelashes is a very important issue, if we want to boost their growth. We need to know how they grow, to be able to act on the source of the problem of short and thin hairs. It is important to learn all about the anatomy, but also be able to relate this to the principles functioning in care. After all, eyelash growth is not a magical phenomenon.


Cilia is the Latin name for the eyelash – short and thick hair which length usually does not exceed 15 mm. They occur in both the lower and the upper eyelid, although they differ in size. The growth of eyelashes on the lower eyelid is slightly slower, which is why they are always shorter. Much longer and more expressive are lashes that surround the eye from the top. Eyelashes naturally slightly bend in an arc. You can certainly improve it with an appropriate mascara and eyelash curler.

How many lashes do we have? The average number that is given everywhere is 150-200 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and 75-100 on the bottom. Theoretically it is a lot. In practice, the lashes fall out, because they are arranged in three rows. It is also worth mentioning that eyelashes are the thinnest of all our hair. It is not surprising that the growth of so many eyelashes is possible in such a small area.

The average lifetime of an eyelash is 100-150 days. Some of them fall out while other grow in their place. Overall, the growth of eyelashes is cyclical. All lashes will never fall out at the same time. On average, 25% of all eyelashes is in the process of dying which is why we never notice the loss. We could not afford to lose all the lashes because they provide the main protection of our eyes. Eyelashes are exchanged about twice a year.

Lash growth

The stage of intensive eyelash growth takes approximately 60% of the entire life cycle of these hair. During this time, in the place where the dead eyelashes fall out, new ones start to grow. Eyelash growth is very quick, it happens about 4 weeks after the loss of the old one. Everything starts in the hair follicle, where a new bulb appears. The bulb absorbs nutrients and grows out a healthy new eyelash.

Of course, also in this case there are some irregularities and disturbances. There are four basic problems associated with it. Abnormal growth of eyelashes can be a result of two-row eyelashes, lashes growing inside the eyelid, excessive size of eyelashes and many more. However, they are typically genetic diseases and occur very rarely.

An interesting fact for some people is that the eyelash is not really alive. The lash on its own is a dead part that grows out of the living bulb. That is why pulling lashes (like hair) could be painful while trimming it, is not so unpleasant for us. Eyelash growth, as well as its further condition depends on the bulbs. The better nourished and healthier the bulb is, the greater the chances of denser hair around the eyes.

How to stimulate lash growth?

Since we already know how eyelash is built, we can easily figure out which methods for eyelash extensions will not bring any results. Certainly the ones that will not work on the source and do not provide nutrition to the lash bulbs. If we want our eyelashes to be healthy, strong and long, it does not worth investing in eyelash extensions, false eyelashes and multi-tasking mascara. It is rather a shortcut to weakening eyelashes. The growth of eyelashes needs to be stimulated at the source.
The source of each eyelashes is the bulb. Therefore, we ought to choose such methods of nourishing and strengthening lashes, which will operate at their base. We need ingredients that penetrate deep and ensure its stimulation from the inside. There is no point in covering the problem on the outside.

Methods of stimulating eyelash growth:

1. Massage the eyelids and comb lashes
In theory, it is to work on the basis of stimulating blood micro-circulation, which results in quicker and better absorption of nutrients from the blood. Bulbs are enhanced faster and therefore the growth of eyelashes is accelerated. In practice, it has never been proven that this method is effective. What is more, it is considered that it can easily cause mechanical damage to the lashes, if we perform the massage and comb them inappropriately.

2. Natural substances for eyelash growth: castor oil, vaseline
Eyelash growth aided by natural means derived from nature is an interesting idea. Both oil (especially castor oil) and petroleum jelly, contain a lot of nutrients and perfectly moisturise lashes. They also soften and add shine. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they also stimulate growth. Natural eyelash care will be effective for some people while for others, unfortunately not. Even if it works, the effects will be barely visible and preceded by long struggles with a dense, oily and sticky substance, which we are trying to impose on the eyelashes.

3. Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum (the best method!)
Bring your beauty to life with NanolashThere is no reason why we would even bother to struggle with sticky castor oil, vaseline of not a pleasant smell or combing eyelashes with the use of fancy brush, will ensure proper eyelash growth at an express pace. We are talking about Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum, which stole the hearts of women around the world. What is its secret?

Nanolash is to be applied to the lashline with the use of a thin brush. Serum is clear and watery, so there is no need to use too much of it. The product easily penetrates into the hair follicles. The complex of natural ingredients goes only where it is needed. Bulbs are nourished and start regenerating from the first day. On average, after two weeks you will notice a slight growth of eyelashes. Final results appear in 1 to 3 months, depending on how susceptible your eyelashes are to cosmetics. It is really worth the wait because the effects are natural and stunning.

What is more, there is no need to devote so much time for the application. All you need is no more than a few minutes a day, which is a great alternative to spending long hours at the beauty salon. You just have to remember about regular application. The main task of Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. In consequence, you gain much stronger and more beautiful lashes for the price of a good mascara. The product lasts up to six months, and the effects (and is a great advantage of this solution) persist even after that time.

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